Located outside Park Rapids Minnesota, the Club sits on 2,560 acres of potlatch land. The club has been leasing the land from potlatch since potlatch purchased it in 2007. Before potlatch owned the land it was owned by Hubbard County and was open for public hunting. Two of the original club members have been hunting and using this land since that time. The property is bordered on two sides by land locked county land and public land on the other two sides.

Before the county owned the land it was privately owned by John Johnson who used it as a goat farm. The area we call main field is where the buildings were and is the only place on the property where there are any remains from when the property was farmed. There is an old pump house and some other old building foundations that may be of interest.

The property has all been logged within the last 10 years. Hikers will enjoy the old skitter trails used during the logging process; these trails are fun to explore and will take you deep into the wilds of the property. Exploring the property on foot and ATV is one of the many thrills or having over 2500 acres to explore!

Laden lake Rod & Gun Club, fishing pike, bass, Minnesota FISHING

On the 2560 acres that make up the Laden Lake Rod & Gun Club we have 3 different fishable lakes. These 3 lakes are completely on the Laden Lake property and cannot be accessed or used by anyone else.

All 3 lakes have aluminum boats with electric motors ready and available for use on a first come first serve basis.

Each lake has populations of largemouth bass, sun fish and northern pike.

Fishers who like fishing in a secluded, picturesque location you will love the fishing the Laden Lake Rod & Gun Club has to offer.

Rod & Gun Club, Minnesota, Deer, Bear, Beaver, Hunting HUNTING

The Laden Lake Rod and Gun Club of Park Rapids, MN offers more for hunters and trappers than just white tail deer hunting. While whitetail deer hunting is a staple for most members, there are also excellent opportunities to hunt or trap black bear, grouse, coyotes, beavers, etc.

Walking trails are maintained throughout the property. These trails are great for trail walking while hunting grouse and the tree coverage on the property creates a good environment for Grouse. Historically we’ve had a good population on the property.

The property is also good for bagging other small game. Walking the trails can be a productive way to find squirrels and rabbits. If you are a person who enjoys trapping we have fox, Coyote, beaver, etc.

There is no shortage of hunting and trapping opportunities and with over 2500 acres there are no shortage of opportunities!



The Club was founded on the idea that a few guidelines, mutual respect and family-like tradition make a strong club and provide members with great lifetime experiences.  Founding members felt that deer hunting is best experienced as a group event.  Even though hunters often spend all day in a tree stand alone, it’s the lunches and the dinners that provide the best memories.  The club is made up of no more than 18 members at any one time to ensure fish and game populations would remain sustainable and to ensure members could develop the kind of lasting camaraderie that is central to mid-western hunting culture.

As a club we have a few general rules.

• We expect everyone to check in every time you enter and leave the property.  If you are hunting and take game we expect that you share your results and share any pictures you have with the rest of the group on Facebook.

• Gate keys should not ever be shared with a non-member for access to the club.  The only time your guests are allowed on the property is when you are on the property.

• You must obey and follow all applicable state rules and regulations while enjoying the club land.

• During the hunting season be respectful of other hunters.  If someone is marked on the board as hunting an area make your best effort to respect their space.

• During the non-hunting seasons you can bring as many guests onto the property as you want for camping, picnics, etc.

• Each member is allowed to harvest 3 white tail deer per year.  This currently means one buck for yourself and 2 guests may harvest deer.

• During the deer hunting seasons you may bring no more than 2 guests onto the property at a time.

We do ask that each member participate in the up keep of the property.  2500+ acres of land requires upkeep to maintain the land.  Food plots need to be plowed, planted and fertilized.  Row crops need to be planted.  Trails need to be cleared, widened and mowed.  Rocks need to be picked, etc.  There are enough “chores” for everyone.  Some are fun and some are less fun, we expect that each member will do their share to maintain the club and its land for the enjoyment of all.  These types of “chores” also help to build relationships and a sense of ownership towards the club.

Take an aerial tour of the property!


Hunters who want to harvest quality Whitetail deer on a great piece of northern Minnesota property with safe and ethical hunters that respect them, their hunting space, and their equipment will enjoy the privacy of our private club. Our hunters adhere to the same QDM rules as you do; Laden Lake Rod & Gun Club is the place to be!

Learn more about joining. Fill out the contact form and a member of the club will respond with additional information and a complete set of Club rules.